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Aimee Blames U.S. Plagues on Godlessness.
Aimee Blames U.S. Plagues on Godlessness.
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Portland, Ore, July 30 (INS).-
Drought, cricket and grasshopper plagues, dust storms, earthquakes and tornadoes are abroad in the land today because "America has kicked the bible out of the public school, is desecrating the Sabbath day in a most shameful way, has returned to the open saloon and is worshiping a god of gold."
This theological indictment was handed out today by Aimee Semple McPherson, Los Angeles evangelist, who is in Portland to conduct a conference with northwest leaders of her four-square church movement.
"Through these visible means Gos is writing in clear language on the walls of America, so that all may understand his displeasure over the sinful ways of man," she asserted.