• Hello,

    It's been a busy semester at MCAD. I am taking part of the OPEN DOOR 14 at rosaluxgallery.com/ The show will be Fri, Dec 7th 7-10pm / Exhibition: Dec 7th-30th, 2018.

    I also have Open Studio at MCAD MFA building.

  • I am now a MFA student at MCAD

    I am so excited, so there should be a ton of new work coming in and great stuff going on.

  • Wow- its been a while. That is what having a child will do.
    I am very excited to announce two new shows.
    One at the Nemeth Art Center
    www.nemethartcenter.org/ from July 21st to September 30th 2017. It is titled Transmitter and will be with my brother Mathieu. caduc.org/index.html My style has changed quite a bit since living in Minnesota and excited to finally show a lot of new work. We are thinking of it as a nod to our Aerial show we had ten years ago.

    Also super excited about an upcoming show at the Hutchinson Art Center www.hutchinsonarts.org/ from August 28 - Sept 29, 2017. Also very excited about this upcoming show. Will update the closer it comes.


  • Upcoming shows:

    November 2015:
    "Studnia (czyli Well)" Cellar Gallery, Kraków Poland with Wieslaw Jarmulowicz & Adam Niklewicz.

    Nov 7th - December 5th:
    "THIS FROM THERE" Circa Gallery, Minneapolis MN, 25th Anniversary Juried Exhibition

    January 22nd:
    "Infinite Field" Gallery Saint Germain, St. Cloud MN, with Peter Happel Christian

  • A review of "Infinite Field," my current show with Peter Happel Christian.

  • I am updating the layout of the site so things might seem a little unfamiliar. If something isn't working or is hard to find, please let me know. Thanks.

  • I have added a few new paintings. I am finished with the secret knot series and feel very excited about where things are going. So keep an eye out for new paintings. I have also added some amazing found newspaper clippings that I have to the site. They used to be on another website but thought I would consolidate them. If you haven't checked them out, they are amazing and under my painting section, then Found (1931-1946).

  • Hello,
    Been quite busy. My brother is releasing an album

    and is using my artwork for the cover/including a bookmark- and did a pretty fantastic video using my artwork- you can check it out here:

    Also have quite a few shows coming up and just received a McKnight Individual Artist Grant through the CMAB.

    also: dialogist.org/v2i1/

  • First show in Minnesota.
    December 7th-30th.

  • I have been updating my Handmade Books section. I realized that it was quite disorganized. I guess it still is, but have added many more images of some of the pages that have never been seen. It is strange to revisit them after about 13 years- for a while I didn't know what to make of them. Now I look back fondly on a lot of the artwork I did.

    I also finally updated my Secret Knot website. It is all up to date and if you haven't checked it out, I would recommend you stroll on over. Thanks

  • Well, now living in Minnesota, so hello new Midwest neighbors. I have added two new paintings up on my website. Finally finished "The former things are not forgotten" and pretty happy with it.

  • I was interviewed by Amie Tullius for 15 Bytes. We discuss the UMOCA show, peapods, birds, conjoined tiwns and the crucified christ . Give it a read.

    also did some video of the UMOCA show

  • Great news. I will be having a show at the UMOCA from May10th-August. It will be part of the Utah Biennial, but will be having my own solo show as part of it. I am thrilled about this opportunity.

    I have also added a new section for video. One is a presentation I did for Pecha Kucha and also the newest art show at Kayo.

  • Hello,
    If anyone owns any of my paintings that are not shown on my website, I would love to hear from you and if you have any images, it would be great to have track of what I have done. There are probably around 35 paintings that I have sold that are not documented. I would be happy to send you a small gift of appreciation for an image or update. Thanks again.

  • A literary magazine from Ohio University featured my artwork in their newest issue. thejournalmag.org/

  • Hello

    I was asked to participate in an event called PechaKucha. It is quite an amazing event.pecha-kucha.org/night/salt-lake-city/

    It will be on the 24th of February at the State Room. Will update as time get closer. And after a year or so- I am getting about 20ish new paintings photographed. So be on the lookout beginning February for an update.


  • West of Center

    Hello, A few days till the West of Center show and excited to be able to attend the opening in LA. The Huffington Post had a small blurb about the show and they used one of my paintings. www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-bush/the-gr…

    Will let everyone know of any updates.

  • Hello

    Hope everyone is well. I have changed websites and have created this one myself. I am open to suggestions and would love to hear any feedback. Quite a bit happening as of late.

    I will be part of a group show at the Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles this July. www.jancargallery.com

    I was also asked to be part of the "Not Just Another Pretty Face" at the Salt Lake Art Center. www.slartcenter.org/?page_id=615